Cerebral Palsy Guide contributors

Cerebral Palsy Guide works with skilled experts to provide accurate, useful, and up-to-date information to parents and caregivers of those with cerebral palsy.

These contributors write, review, and edit content to extraordinarily high standards. This ensures anyone reading the site can rely upon the information provided.

Board-Certified Medical Reviewers

Each board-certified medical reviewer that appears on the site has years, if not decades, of experience in their fields of study. These experts carefully review pages to ensure the medical content on our site is not only accurate but also helpful and easy for anyone to understand.

Learn more about our board-certified medical reviewers below.

Site experts and contributors

The professionals featured on Cerebral Palsy Guide were carefully selected because of their experience and dedication to helping babies, children, and families affected by cerebral palsy.

A new baby should bring hope and excitement to parents and families. This unfortunately does not always happen. Poor care or mistakes before, during, or after delivery can leave newborns with cerebral palsy. This incurable and lifelong condition can limit everything from muscle control to speaking.

The Cerebral Palsy Guide team strongly believes that families affected by this condition deserve the most helpful and accurate information so they can make good choices about their child’s care. Our site experts and contributors ensure each page they review meets these standards.

Reviewer guidelines

Cerebral Palsy Guide requires any and all contributors to follow strict guidelines when writing, editing, or reviewing pages.

These guidelines include:
  • Precision: All content that appears on the site must be factual to give parents and caregivers confidence in what they’re reading.
  • Usefulness: A diagnosis of cerebral palsy or another birth injury can be devastating. To that end, Cerebral Palsy Guide seeks to turn fear into understanding and help parents make informed choices about their child’s care.
  • Trust: Thanks to their years of experience, our medical reviewers provide unique credibility to the pages they review. This instills trust in parents and families.
Reviewer guidelines

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