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Cerebral palsy treatment facilities

Cerebral palsy treatment facilities provide specialized care for individuals with the condition. Cutting-edge diagnostic tools, therapies, and treatments can help ensure that your child will be able to live their best life. While finding a nearby cerebral palsy center may not be possible, you can access highly specialized care for your child if you are willing to travel.

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What are cerebral palsy treatment centers?

A cerebral palsy treatment facility doctor and patient in a wheelchair talk and laugh together.Cerebral palsy treatment centers are specialized facilities that provide comprehensive care for children and adults living with cerebral palsy (CP). They offer a range of customized therapies and interventions to address each patient's needs.

This multidisciplinary approach aims to improve mobility, communication skills, and overall quality of life for people with cerebral palsy.

Finding a CP treatment center for your child may be the best way to access the personalized care they need to thrive.

Where is the best cerebral palsy treatment in the world?

It’s difficult to determine the best cerebral palsy treatment in the world because each patient has distinct needs and treatment goals.

The best CP treatment for your child may involve:
  • Analysis of movement and gait patterns
  • Corrective and orthopedic surgeries like selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) to reduce muscle tightness
  • Customized assistive devices like splints, braces, and orthotics
  • Medications for muscle tone control, including Botox® injections and anti-spasticity drugs
  • Sports and recreation programs
  • Therapies such as occupational, physical, and speech

Every person with cerebral palsy, including your child, is unique. You can start your search for the best treatment for your child by getting the most accurate diagnosis possible. This can be done by finding a doctor you trust who specializes in your child's condition.

What kind of doctor treats cerebral palsy?

There are many different types of doctors and other medical professionals who treat cerebral palsy. When it comes to providing the best treatment for CP, a team of specialized health care professionals all play a role.

“Besides a pediatrician or physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist) and possibly a pediatric neurologist to oversee your child's medical care, the team might include a variety of therapists and mental health specialists.”

— Mayo Clinic

Each doctor or specialist has a unique area of expertise geared toward addressing the specific needs of CP patients.

Here are some of the doctors who may be involved in treating a child with CP:

  • Developmental pediatricians: These doctors focus on the overall well-being of children with conditions such as cerebral palsy.
  • Orthopedic surgeons: They specialize in musculoskeletal issues and perform surgeries that improve mobility and correct skeletal malformations.
  • Pediatric neurologists: These specialists diagnose and treat conditions such as CP in children. They evaluate symptoms, conduct diagnostic tests, and develop treatment plans.

CP treatment options

Treatment options for cerebral palsy vary depending on the type and severity of the condition. The goal of most CP treatments is to manage symptoms, relieve pain, and increase independence.

The top 5 treatment options at CP facilities often include:
  1. Medications are used to manage symptoms and secondary issues like incontinence.
  2. Surgery can improve mobility by correcting the alignment of legs, ankles, feet, hips, wrists, and arms.
  3. Physical therapy is considered crucial in treating CP, as it can improve motor skills and prevent movement problems from worsening.
  4. Occupational therapy can help a child play, learn, and perform daily activities.
  5. Speech therapy addresses communication challenges by focusing on muscle control, oral motor skills, and language comprehension. It can help improve speech and swallowing.

The best CP facilities also participate in cerebral palsy clinical trials. These experimental therapies offer patients access to cutting-edge treatments that are not yet available to the general public.

Download your Cerebral Palsy Guide to learn more about finding personalized cerebral palsy treatment that is right for your child.

What is the best hospital for cerebral palsy treatment?

Some of the best hospitals for cerebral palsy treatment are those that are renowned for their dedication to helping children with CP. They have the resources needed to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible, which in turn, allows care teams to develop a highly customized treatment plan.

Accurate diagnosis of cerebral palsy may involve:

  • Assessments of vision, speech, intellect, and movement
  • Comprehensive evaluation, including monitoring of growth and development
  • Diagnostic tests, including brain scans (MRI and cranial ultrasound), electroencephalogram (EEG), and laboratory tests
  • Referrals to specialists

Additionally, rating scale tools like the Gross Motor Function Classification System are used to help determine the severity of cerebral palsy for treatment planning.

Top cerebral palsy treatment facilities

Here are some of the best cerebral palsy hospitals and facilities for children across the country.

Boston Children’s Hospital Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Center

Boston, Massachusets


  1. Comprehensive approach to care
  2. Multidisciplinary team
  3. Cutting-edge CP treatments

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Children’s Hospital Colorado Cerebral Palsy Program

Denver, Colorado


  1. Dedicated cerebral palsy program
  2. Expert team of CP specialists
  3. Family-centered approach

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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Pediatric Orthopedic Neuromuscular Program

Los Angeles, California


  1. Dedicated pediatric orthopedic neuromuscular program
  2. Multidisciplinary team
  3. Cutting-edge CP treatments

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Cerebral Palsy Program

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  1. Dedicated cerebral palsy program
  2. Multidisciplinary approach
  3. Advanced treatment options

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Johns Hopkins Cerebral Palsy Clinic

Baltimore, Maryland


  1. Dedicated cerebral palsy program
  2. Multidisciplinary approach
  3. Advanced treatment options

Call 410-955-7337 to request an appointment

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Cerebral Palsy Program

Columbus, Ohio


  1. Multidisciplinary approach
  2. Expert team
  3. Comprehensive services

Call 614-722-5136 to request an appointment

Seattle Children’s Hospital Cerebral Palsy Program

Seattle, Washington


  1. Leading pediatric care
  2. Multidisciplinary team of specialists
  3. Family-centered approach and support

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The Southern Family Center for Cerebral Palsy at Rady Children’s Hospital - San Diego

San Diego, California


  1. Comprehensive and specialized care
  2. Multidisciplinary team approach
  3. Family-centered care

Call 858-966-6789 to request an appointment

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Cerebral Palsy Center

St. Louis, Missouri


  1. Comprehensive and advanced care
  2. Multidisciplinary expert team
  3. Holistic support and unique programs

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Texas Children’s Hospital Cerebral Palsy Clinic

Houston, Texas


  1. Comprehensive approach to care
  2. Multidisciplinary team of specialists
  3. Advanced therapeutic options

Call 832-826-6106 to request an appointment

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Cerebral Palsy and Related Disorders Program

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  1. Comprehensive care team
  2. Advanced treatment options
  3. Family-centered approach

Call 412-692-5097 to request an appointment

Why seek specialized CP treatment?

Seeking specialized cerebral palsy treatment for your child is important for several reasons. It allows for the most accurate diagnosis of the condition by medical professionals who are CP specialists.

These skilled professionals have the tools and resources needed to provide a comprehensive evaluation and develop an effective treatment plan personalized to your child's condition.

Additionally, the best cerebral palsy treatment facilities offer access to the latest therapies. Your child can benefit from state-of-the-art technologies that use a range of tools and techniques by seeking specialized CP treatment.

Find a cerebral palsy center near me

If you don’t have a cerebral palsy center near you, you may need to travel to get your child specialized care.

However, with some research, you should be able to find facilities near you that specialize in spasticity/neuromuscular disorders and have specialists experienced in working with motor difficulties.

By choosing a center with a specialized program and knowledgeable medical professionals, you can ensure that your child receives the best care, leading to improved outcomes and enhanced quality of life.


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