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Meet our Outreach Coordinator

Amie Kroessig

Cerebral Palsy Advocate

Amie Kroessig is a Patient Advocate and Outreach Coordinator for Cerebral Palsy Guide. In her role, she provides resources and support to families and caregivers of children with cerebral palsy to help give them the quality of life they deserve.

About Amie Kroessig

As a Patient Advocate and Outreach Coordinator, one of Amie's favorite things in her role is connecting with families to offer reassurance and guidance in the face of their child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis.

When Amie was born with cerebral palsy, there were limited resources available. However, her adoptive parents were determined to provide her with every tool and therapy necessary for a fulfilling life.

Knowing that the information on Cerebral Palsy Guide could have greatly benefited her own parents, Amie is passionate about ensuring that ALL families and caregivers have this valuable resource at their fingertips.

Amie lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she enjoys going to the beach.