Tommy Hilfiger Makes History With Clothing Line For Children With Disabilities

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Tommy Hilfiger has been making headlines with their latest fashion endeavor – and for all the right reasons. The brand recently collaborated with Runway of Dreams to create the first-ever adaptive designer clothing line for children with disabilities.

The collection launched online at and includes 22 pieces for boys (sizes 4-20) and girls (sizes 4-18).

All pieces in the line have been designed to make it easier for children with disabilities to get dressed on their own each morning.

Details such as faux buttons and cuff plackets conceal magnets, velcro and a loop/button system to allow for easy waist and length adjustment. These adaptable features make it so children can easily put on and secure their own clothing, while feeling confident in their new designer threads.

Making Adaptive Clothing Mainstream

Mindy Scheier

Mindy Scheier (left), founder of Runway of Dreams, said that the idea to launch the nonprofit came to her when she was making adjustments to a pair of jeans for her son Oliver, who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy and wears leg braces.

"He really felt strongly about being able to wear jeans like the other kids," Scheier told People. "It didn’t even cross his mind that it wasn’t going to be an option for him. It shouldn’t have to be an option for anybody."

Scheier had a background in fashion design and worked for companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. She was used to buying clothing off the rack at department stores and modifying them to work for Oliver’s physical needs.

While replacing countless buttons and zippers with adjustable waistbands and magnets, the idea hit her to partner with a well-known fashion brand.

Collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger opens up the opportunity for stylish, adaptive clothing to be available to children everywhere. This is an important aspect of the collaboration, as Scheier knows her family is not alone in having a hard time finding clothing that works for a child with disabilities.

“One in 20 kids in the United States has a disability that would impair their ability to dress themselves,” Scheier said. “I think the market is enormous, and will be changing. This is a demographic that has not been tapped into yet.”

Fashionable and Functional

The adaptive clothing line is designed to look identical to the company’s typical spring collection, just with some added details like velcro or elastic to make it easier for children with disabilities to get dressed.

“Every detail was considered so the clothing is not only functional but looks exactly the same as the TH Kids collection,” Scheier said about the new t-shirts, jeans, dresses and other items.

And the best part of this collaboration?

The adapted line is priced the same as the original children’s collection, with pieces ranging from $18.50 to $42.50.

If a customer has a question regarding sizing or styling, Scheier has trained the entire Tommy Hilfiger customer service team to “be fully knowledgeable of the new range, including the proper language to use when speaking about this specific demographic."

"Our company has always embraced the diversity of our customers," Gary Sheinbaum, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Americas, told People. "Runway of Dreams helped further our understanding of the differently-abled community’s unique needs, and with this knowledge, we hope that we will be able to better serve them."

Tommy Hilfiger is already working on the next two seasons for the adapted children’s clothing line, with talks of a women and men’s adapted clothing line coming soon.

You can find the full Tommy Hilfiger adaptive clothing line here.

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