Take 10,000 Steps A Day This September To Support CP Awareness

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Are You Up To The Challenge?

As a way of raising awareness and funds for people with cerebral palsy, United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) has issued an exciting challenge. This September, teams from around the world will compete in a “steps challenge”, which features an array of over 70 fun, physical activities.

“STEPtember” is an international campaign that encourages participants to take the equivalent of 10,000 steps each day for 28 days. Participants of the STEPtember challenge will be sweating it out all month to raise money for support organizations that advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities.

The motivation behind the STEPtember campaign stems from a desire to raise awareness about some of the physical challenges that people with CP and other disabilities face on a daily basis.

“People with disabilities – children and adults – have the same desires, hopes and dreams as the rest of us. The money and awareness raised by STEPtember enables our organization to provide valuable services and resources to these families to enhance the care of their loved one,” said Rick Forkosh, UCP’s interim CEO.

Cerebral Palsy and Movement

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that affects posture, gait and muscle tone. While there are various types of CP and levels of severity, individuals with this condition are likely to experience issues related to mobility.

People living with cerebral palsy require up to five times the amount of energy that able-bodied people do just to move about or perform daily responsibilities.

The STEPtember campaign allows participants to gain an understanding of the daily impact that a disability can have on the thousands of disabled children and adults across the world. With over 70 activities to choose from, the STEPtember challenge ensures that there is something for everyone.

The challenge runs from September 1-28, 2016. All funds raised throughout the month will be donated to local and national UCP organizations.

“Because of the level of care individuals with disabilities often need, some families experience severe financial hardship,” said Forkosh. “STEPtember enables UCP to assist these families and directly benefits those with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.”

How To Get Involved

Participants of the STEPtember challenge are able to compete in teams of four. Competitors are encouraged to raise $100 or more each throughout the month, which will all go towards individuals with CP and other disabilities.

In order to keep track of steps, participants can use a fitness tracker, smartphone app or pedometer. Those who would like to be mailed a pedometer from the campaign can select this option when registering online.

One of the best parts about the STEPtember challenge is that you can “step” any way you like. Activities such as swimming, dancing, surfing or cycling are just a few of the 70+ actions you can log for your daily steps.

Teams can register online using the STEPtember websiteNow get steppin’!

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