Get Help From a Cerebral Palsy Nurse Navigator

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A nurse navigator is an experienced and knowledgeable medical professional who can guide you through a medical diagnosis. Often, cerebral palsy patients will need to see multiple types of physicians and therapists.

The nurse navigator will guide you through the complex healthcare system as well as answer any questions you have along the way.

Meet Nurse Stephanie Williamson

Stephanie Williamson is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) with over 11 years of medical experience. She understands that from the moment your child receives a cerebral palsy diagnosis, you begin to stress about what steps to take next. Her job at Cerebral Palsy Guide is to help you through this diagnosis.

5 Resources the Nurse Navigator Can Provide

A nurse navigator will do whatever she can to connect you with the services you need.

A nurse navigator can refer you to many resources, including:

  1. Local and national support groups
  2. Financial information including grants
  3. Treatments and clinical trials
  4. Adaptive equipment or devices
  5. Child care

The nurse navigator understands the importance of health and wellness. Part of her education will be in recommending a healthy lifestyle for your child. Her goal is to improve your child’s health. She will encourage regular exercise, weight management, control of existing diseases, and a well-balanced diet.

Q: Can the nurse navigator give me medical advice?
A: The nurse navigator practices under her own nursing scope. This means that she can give medical advice on the topics with which she is knowledgeable however, she is not able to diagnose and/or prescribe medications. You should always consult your child’s physician after speaking with the nurse navigator.

5 Questions the Nurse Navigator Will Need to Ask

In order to help you navigate through a cerebral palsy diagnosis, the nurse will ask you questions to better understand your needs.

Here are some of the most important questions the nurse may ask you:

  1.     When was your child diagnosed with cerebral palsy?
  2.     What is the age of your child now?
  3.     Do you understand a cerebral palsy diagnosis?
  4.     Do you have any questions about treatment?
  5.     Do you need help with your medical bills?

Each family and child’s needs are unique. After gathering important information, the nurse navigator will provide you with the necessary resources for your individual needs. These needs may be medical, emotional, and/or financial.

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